The Hummingbird stands for joy, healing and positivity among many other attributes.

Just like the how the Hummingbird symbolises enjoying life to the fullest from both new experiences and simple pleasures, we believe that people are entitled to live the same.

Starting from the idea of making this enjoyment accessible to all rather then simply a privilege is how HMB was born in the heart of South West England.

After years of research and development, HMB finally was able to produce hearing aids that give the quality and durability of the highest of standards at the lowest of prices by eliminating any intermediaries in all of our processes from production to sales.

Rather than focusing on selling our products for monumental prices, we want to spread positivity at the speed of a humming bird, reaching all of those who need to be uplifted.

We're always honing our craft with the mission of making hearing more accessible to all corners of the globe.

It is this belief and philosophy that drives us to bring joy back and paint new colours of happiness in the lives of all of those who have been effected adversely due to their hearing.