HMB’s Fourth generation invisible hearing aids.

HMB presents its latest developed, the fourth generation of redefining hearing aids.
Compared with the third generation, we have added the design of a pragmatic binaural cap , meaning hearing aids will not fall off during sports and can be worn comfortably all day. Alongside this, our signature smart chip has been upgraded to further reduce noise and improve sound quality.
In addition, we have increased our battery life has been increased to last 30 hours with the charging case able to provide 4 charges!
The bespoke display screen also allows you to see how much battery life and charge is available before a recharge is needed.
We can confidently say that this is the most advanced hidden hearing aid on the market!


HMB‘s Third generation in-ear hearing aids.

Our 3rd generation is our most popular and best selling hearing aid to date.
The 2.0 smart chip allows for clear sound and immaculate noise reduction.
The box offers a total of two charges, and each full charge lasts 15 hours.
Although its performance is not as powerful as the new and improved fourth generation, its affordable price and overall features make it the most popular choice!


HMB’s Second generation invisible hearing aids.

Compared with our first generation of battery powered hearing aids, the second generation features a built in battery that can be recharged to optimise battery use and reduce costs.
15 hours of total use time also caters for the daily use of anyone experiencing mild hearing loss. For anyone experiencing mild hearing issues, this may be the best option!


Exceptional service to match exceptional products

no middleman - low price

Approximately two thirds of the costs that you pay for your hearing aids are for the salary of the doctor or audiologist and not for the hearing aids themselves?

It doesn’t seem right that we pay a small fortune when it can cost so much less than what it needs to.

That’s why HMB hearing cuts out the middle man and gives you premium quality at a fraction of the price you would pay anywhere else.


How HMB Has Changed Lives Through Hearing

“Buying HMB Hearing Aids is one of the best decision I’ve made. For the first time it what feels like a lifetime I can finally hear and listen to everything my Grandchildren say to me on their regular weekend visits, a priceless blessing I thought I would never get to experience!”

Samantha P.

"I’ve been using my hearing aids for around 10 weeks now. What really surprises me the most is how nobody really picks up on the fact that I’m wearing them, and you don’t really feel them in your ears at all. Going through a full day of usage is comfortable and doesn’t provide any issues. "

Harry F.

“I have been using Hearing Aids which I bought from a local audiologist a few months ago for £1200
When I was looking for a cheap replacement, I was shocked to find that HMB hearing aids work much better than my original pair and cost next to nothing in comparison."

Norman J.

"Buying from HMB has been smooth from start to finish!
After placing my order on Tuesday the hearing aids arrived on my doorstep two days later with a helpsheet included on how to use the hearing aids and make the most out of them."

Dennis J.


Not to worry! Our hearing aids are ready and equipped to deal with the most common and general causes that result in 90% of the reasons behind hearing difficulty and lost (as shown in our users guide) meaning that no prior hearing test is necessary.

If your symptoms are more unique and specific for hearing loss, and our device isn’t the perfect solution for you, we're happy to provide a 30 day free to try plan, if your unsatisfied, we'll provide a full refund as part of our “No hearing no price” guarantee.